EGX 2015 Roundup

Written by Jake Tucker

September 30, 2015 | 15:59

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As another EGX draws to a close and we careen towards a wallet endangering release window, what should you be keeping an eye on?

There's a bunch of stuff to be excited about, and there were plenty of games that I didn't get a chance to play but have set the place abuzz, but here are the games I played and really enjoyed:

Tango Fiesta

EGX 2015 Roundup EGX roundup

Top-down 80's flavoured shoot-em-up Tango Fiesta actually launched during the show, shedding its early access wings and launching from a booth in the

The game is a simple affair: choose your character from a roster inspired by 80's icons (I like BionicCop), grab a pair of weapons inspired by iconic 80's movie weapons, and rampage around a bundle of classic movie worlds blowing everything up. It's a love letter to the eighties films beloved of designer Andrew Smith, and when the frantic 4 player co-op really comes together, it's frantic blasting.

Buy it now, from Steam

Star Wars Battlefront

EGX 2015 Roundup EGX roundup

What I was expecting was a Star Wars skinned Battlefield. What I got was a Star Wars themed shooter with a lot of unique touches. It was a bunch of fun, although does seem to lack a little depth.

The lack of depth is more than made up for with spectacle at this stage. This multiplayer battle I played saw me playing as the glorious empire and trying to protect my equally glorious AT-AT's as they laid waste to the rebels. We surged across the snow of Hoth, jumping from trench to trench as we took the fight through snowfields and X-wing hangers.

Star Wars Battlefront launches on the 17th November.

Loot Rascals

EGX 2015 Roundup EGX roundup

Straight from the Leftfield Collection, Loot Rascals is the first game from new studio Hollow Pounds- So new, producer Patrick Ashe admits they haven't even got business cards yet.

The game is looking glorious and is full of character: you explore an open world fighting monsters and gathering cards which can be equipped either defensively or aggressively, juggling the items equipped in your 8 slots to get the maximum bonus. I sat down for a quick blast and lost 20 minutes, so if loot gathering is your thing, this one could decimate your time.

No release date or platforms for Loot Rascals yet, the mysterious rascal.
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