Everglide Giganta

Written by Dave Williams

December 17, 2001 | 00:00

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Go Bungee Go!

The last part of the trio, the Mouse Bungee. This is designed to stop the mouse cord from dragging and snagging on the desktop. Ever been fragged because the mouse cord was caught on something on the desk? You know you hate that!

Everglide Giganta In use

What a surprise, I got a blue one! The Bungee is made from translucent plastic with a big shiny ball bearing to weight it down and stop it moving around the desk. It also increases the coolness factor. See that clip on the end of the flexible springy spring things? That\'s for gripping the mouse cord that is.

Everglide Giganta In use

The Bungee also has rubber feet. Frothy man!

Everglide Giganta In use

Close up of the cord holder. Squeezing the two ears, (red arrows), causes the jaws to open, allowing the mouse cable to be inserted. (Funnily enough, squeezing my ears makes my jaw open too!).

Everglide Giganta In use

You get the idea.

Everglide Giganta In use

Those flexible springy spring things really do flex very easily and follow the mouse movements effortlessly.

Everglide Giganta In use

I just can\'t resist big shiny balls!

Everglide Giganta In use

The kit goes together very well and looks cool on the desk. But...looks aren\'t everything, so how does it perform?

Everglide Giganta In use
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