Everglide Giganta

Written by Dave Williams

December 17, 2001 | 00:00

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Suits you Sir!

The first thing to notice is how smooth and effortless moving the mouse is. It literally glides across the pad. Ice skating for mice. The Bungee does exactly what it is supposed to do and stops the mouse cord dragging, which adds to the ease of mouse movement. I do a lot of cad work and precision mouse control is a must, so I was pleased to find the tracking accuracy with an optical mouse is exemplary. Needless to say the Giganta proved itself during gaming as well. I also tested the pad with the ball version of the mouse with exactly the same results. Something not generally considered when testing mouse pads is the noise made when moving the mouse. The Giganta is very quiet, not silent but much quieter than using the desk top. In fact it is one of the quietest mouse surfaces I have used. Surprising when you consider it is made from textured hard plastic. The size of the pad is ample without it taking over the desk. Overall I would say this is the best mouse pad I have ever used. The wrist rest has become a must and the bungee enhances the overall experience.

The wrist rest takes some getting used to, but after several weeks of use I wouldn't want to be without it. Before, I used to get pains in the ball of my wrist, but since using the wrist rest I haven't suffered with a single pain or ache. Even after prolonged use.

Everglide Giganta Conclusions

The only complaint I have about the mouse pad is the yellow ink used for the logo rubs off onto the mouse glides, turning them slightly yellow.

Everglide Giganta Conclusions

You just knew there would be blue leds in there somewhere, didn't you?

Everglide Giganta Conclusions

To sum up, each of these products is excellent in it's own right. Put them all together and you have an unbeatable mousing experience. (Assuming you have a decent mouse of course). Just be wary of the printed design rubbing off with use. I recommend you check them out for yourself. I'm sure you won't regret it.

For more information on the range and pricing check the Everglide website.
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