Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Review

Written by Mat Jones

May 14, 2013 | 11:39

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The soundtrack’s probably the best part of the entire production. It’s mostly handled by video-game focused rockers Power Glove. They’re better known for complex Epic Metal covers of classic games (Red wings over baron for example), but here they’ve dug out a variety of synths that provide an appropriate score for the setting (https://soundcloud.com/powerglove/powercore).

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Review
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Just because it succeeds in several areas, though, it doesn’t mean it’s a success overall. There doesn’t seem to be a true grasp on whether or not it’s a joke game because it’s being ludicrous or a joke game because it’s aware it’s being ludicrous. It’s the difference between putting on a clown suit and letting people laugh at you or wearing one and starting every bit of slapstick with a light-up sign letting everyone know you’re being ironic first.

The writing doesn’t know if it’s super adherent to the idea of being something knowingly terrible or just self-mocking. It’ll make snide remarks about how many people you’re killing while asking you to kill them or have your character wonder what’s fun about collecting a variety of stupid items when you’re probably wondering the same thing. Being above game design tropes and still leaning on them is still as bad as if you’d just gone along with it without comment.

Don't get us wrong - some of the self-aware nonsense is excellent and it’d be a mistake to lose it - it's just that as with all comedy, it's a subtle skill to pull off.

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Review
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A particular highlight are the item descriptions and loading screen tooltips, both of which are worthy of reading whenever possible. Indeed, if something’s written down anywhere it’s generally worth reading.

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon is a noble effort on the part of its developers. This is exactly the route that add-on content should take more often, in that it’s totally out of left field rather than tamely bolted on to the existing narrative, and it's great that it doesn't require the original game. It’s a little short and a misses the mark - both comically and in terms of gameplay - a few times, but Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon is nothing if not unique and worth seeing.
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