Bit-Tech's 12 Games of Christmas - Part 1

Written by Jake Tucker

December 26, 2015 | 17:36

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On The Third Day Of Christmas: Mortal Kombat X
Year: 2015

Bit-Tech's 12 Games of Christmas - Part 1 Bit-Tech's 12 games of Christmas
Fighting game purists will scoff, but I've always had a soft spot for Mortal Kombat. As a playstation owner, I had Mortal Kombat Trilogy before one of the several hundred Street Fighter II releases, so while I can pull off a hadouken I've got a lot of love for Scorpion,

Mortal Kombat X is more of the same, with more story and tons of gore. It's incredibly bleak, opening up with "Most of earth's defenders were turned into undead warriors". It's not the best fighting game I've ever played but it's the best one, aesthetically. Quick-time fights in helicopters, a blind swordsman, thunder gods… it's a silly game and a ridiculous story.

Luckily, the fisticuffs are pretty damn good. I value fighting games where I can play a nippy character and bring some pain and while the characters here are chunky, with a bit of practice you'll find yourself gelling with a character and laying waste to the enemies. I can only play Johnny Cage right now, largely I spend my time punching opponents in the dick.

It's also the only game I know where you can make the Predator fight Jason Vorhees.

Buy This If: You're into fighting games but fancy something a little different from Street Fighter. You're a fan of the gore.

On The Fourth Day Of Christmas: Resident Evil HD Remake
Year: 2015

Bit-Tech's 12 Games of Christmas - Part 1 Bit-Tech's 12 games of Christmas

Another game I bought at launch after being terribly excited for it, Resident Evil HD has sat on my PS4 since launch day.

I last played Resident Evil six years ago on an aging PSone at university. Resident Evil HD feels like a thousand miles from there. This HD release feels more like a remix than a remake, taking the same core and rebuilding the game around it.

It doesn't actually feel all that dated, considering the game is nearly 20 years old. It feels like a return to the golden age of survival horror and is a great experience if your previous experience with the series has started with the fourth entry in the series. Sure, there's a bunch of beasties trying to kill you that've done a number on your special forces colleagues, but much of your visit to the stately mansion hosting the game's story will be spent solving puzzles and managing your painfully limited inventory.

The puzzles will drive you up not just up the wall but halfway across the ceiling, while the camera angles offer an obtuse look at the world around you, but it's a great option to while around those dark winter evenings.

Buy This If: You're not afraid of things that go bump in the night, or puzzles that make very little sense.
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