i27 LAN report

Written by Wil Harris

April 17, 2006 | 12:39

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Creative mods

There was also some great kit from Creative Labs on display. With its range of Fatal1ty gear, Creative is hoping to really get some kudos from gamers, and it was showing off new gaming headsets and mice that it hopes will attract hardcore players.

i27 LAN report Creative i27 LAN report Creative
We saw Creative's LAN rigs last time, and they've had an upgrade since then - the plain windows have been tarted up with a SoundBlaster etching, and the reverse sidde of the machine now has an awesome gold acrylic X-Fi logo.

i27 LAN report Creative i27 LAN report Creative i27 LAN report Creative i27 LAN report Creative
Of course, the star of the Creative stand custom PC made for Creative by Macroman. Macro's guitar amp case drew crowds throughout the weekend, and Creative had hooked up an electric guitar and some music creation software for budding fretsters to have a go at. The case really looks awe-inspiring in the flesh. The gaming PC by Eddie_dane, inspired by G-gnomes Orac3 project, was also a fantastic piece, with a TFT screen in the front and some great brushed aluminium accents. That baby was housed on the CustomPC stand, and those boys were around all weekend playing Counter-Strike and Tomb Raider Legend. Look out for the full worklog to that one soon.
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