Of Mice and Mats

Written by Wil Harris

May 25, 2006 | 13:57

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Razer ProClick1.6

Price: £40

Razer is a massive name in gaming mice. From its very first ball mice, it's attempted to produce the ultimate in fragging tools, sometimes getting it right and sometimes getting it wrong.

The ProClick 1.6 is a cut-price version of some of its premium products such as the Copperhead, which goes for over 50 quid. It offers the same form factor with reduced features. Popular opinion in our office, however, suggests that its colour-change to iMac white is not particularly great.

One thing that hasn't been skimped on is the specification. The image captured on the sensor is refreshed 6400 times a second, making it faster than the Microsoft mouse. The DPI is 1600 maximum, more than the Microsoft but less than the Logitech. It sports four side buttons which are programmable in software.

Of Mice and Mats Razer ProClick Of Mice and Mats Razer ProClick Of Mice and Mats Razer ProClick Of Mice and Mats Razer ProClick

The feel of the mouse is a real opinion-divider. Some people love the flat shape, some people hate it. It is almost impossible to flat-palm, being so low to the mat - you have to be a finger-tip mouser otherwise this mouse will probably be useless to you.

You can programme buttons to shift DPI, as with the Logitech - but unlike that mouse, this requires the Razer software to be installed. However, you do get more flexibility in the exact DPI you can have. Razer also has a clicky wheel for weapon scrolling.

The mouse looks a little expensive next to the Logitech, given that the G5 has the weight adjustment, the DPI adjustment in hardware and an ergonomic design that's more flexible. However, if you're a fan of the Razer Mice, you'll find that this carries on the name well.
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