Microsoft Wireless Intellimouse v2

Written by Wil Harris

December 19, 2003 | 00:00

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Microsoft Wireless Intellimouse v2 Introduction

What is it? Wireless optical mouse
Product Name: Microsoft Wireless Intellimouse Explorer v2
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Price: Approx £40
Availability: Now
Verdict: Stunningly ergonomic, with great performance.

Mice. Who could get by without 'em? More to the point, how many people who have enjoyed the luxury of a five-buttoned, scroll-wheel emblazoned rodent could now go back to some 2-button clunker? Not me for sure - and Microsoft are evidently betting the same, with a recent revamp of their mousing range - including new Bluetooth models and Tilt wheel models.

Microsoft have always been my favourite peripherals manufacturer. From my very first optical Intellimouse, I have always considered them to be the number one mousing vendor - until the advent of wireless. With the last generation of wireless mice, Microsoft really dropped the ball. The Wireless Intellimouse (v1) was a triumph of ergonomics (the thing fit ones hand like a soft, eminently strokeable buttock) but it's performance was nothing short of appalling - terrible lag, horrendous accuracy and battery life to cringe over. After buying one, crying a bit, then taking it back, I went back to my corded Intellimouse. Meanwhile, Logitech release the seminal MX700 and won the hearts of gamers everywhere, with fantastic performance and accuracy, as well as a docking staton for recharging.

Well, Microsoft are back with their Wireless Intellimouse v2 - does it correct the problems of the previous version, and can it dethrone the Logitech as King of the Mice People?

Microsoft Wireless Intellimouse v2 Introduction

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