Mobile gaming round-up

Written by Jake Tucker

March 24, 2016 | 10:21

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Mobile gaming has always been a bit of a dirty word. Most of us are happy enough to plug away on our consoles and computers without ever thinking about games fitting on your smartphone.

I’ve always been against mobile gaming because I think the battery on your mobile phone is the closest thing in real life to a health bar. I start to get clammy at 20% battery. But if you’ve got an iDevice, and you’re not too worried about preserving the battery, there’s some excellent games out there. Let’s take a look together. To preempt your concerns, all of these games barring one are premium, which means they don’t have any in-app purchases, and the one that does (Clash Royale) is just using the cash to speed you up. You don’t need it.

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Mobile gaming round-up

The Room
Price: £0.79

The Room was released all the way back in 2012, which is a lifetime in mobile gaming, but just because it’s an oldie, doesn’t mean it’s not a goodie.

Developed by Fireproof studios, The Room presents players with a series of strange boxes that have a number of physical mechanisms on them. The challenge is working out how to open them up.

You’ll be swiping at buttons, looking around the device and turning keys using the device’s touchscreen, and it’s a solid puzzle game building on the popular ‘escape the room’ genre of flash games.

If you like it, there’s two sequels that are equally decent, too.

Mobile gaming round-up

Wayward Souls
Price: £4.99

If Demon Souls and the later Dark Souls changed one big thing, it’s that having the word ‘souls’ in your title is a secret codeword for “This is hard as balls”

Wayward Souls is in fact hard as balls, and every time you find yourself in trouble it’s often your own fault, rather than the game’s responsive movement controls.

Wayward Souls gives you all of the tools you need to succeed and then demands you become a master with them before it gives you an inch.

It’s punishing, but it has a magic way of drawing you into it’s dark world to try and hack your way through another dank skeleton infested dungeon. With 6 classes that play entirely uniquely, there’s a lot of bang for your buck.

Mobile gaming round-up

Price: £2.99

It’s hard to say much about the narrative supporting Prune without ruining it all, but let’s talk a little about the mechanics underpinning it, instead.

Every stage starts the same. You plant a seed with a tap, you grow it into a tree with a drag and then you sculpt and nurture your tree with a series of swipes as you try to bring it out of the darkness and into the light.

When it hits the light, it’ll blossom, and you can move onto the next stage, but rather than being a game about dragging trees out of the darkness, it’s quite a meditative experience, and the lack of time limits or text boxes leaves you to work everything out for yourself.
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