Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Video

Written by Alex Watson

March 11, 2010 | 10:12

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform: PC, PS3, Xbox 360

If you cast your mind back to our review of Aliens versus Predator, you might remember that we included a video with the article - rather than creating a heavily edited video review of the game, we opted to simply FRAPS some of the action and commentate on it, allowing you to see for yourselves exactly how the game played.

As experiments go, it went rather well - no-one died - and we received plenty of positive comments, so we planned to release similar videos for future reviews of big PC titles. Battlefield Bad Company 2 was a prime candidate, but for one reason or another we didn't get the video ready in time - and rather than delay the review, we've opted to put them up separately. One side benefit is that by doing this we'll be able to see how interested you guys are in video!

The video below is available in three flavours - you can download the full-fat version, all 750MB of it, which shows the game running at 720p; you can watch the same video embedded as a YouTube clip, or grab the very lithe and light mobile version. Harry and Antony are on-hand to narrate the destruction.

It's a great game - here's what we said in our original review:

"The key difference between Bad Company 2 and the Battlefield games that PC players will be used to is the presence of an orthodox single player campaign, rather than just a big pile of multiplayer maps. By the normal run of things such a lazy effort with the story would be grounds for a panning but what Bad Company 2 manages to pull off is that rare trick of making it all fun, despite the cheese. Pure, mindless destruction and fun over eleven missions, like an extended episode of the A-Team except you actually hit the people you’re shooting at.

While the single player is engaging enough and substantial enough to while away a few evenings, when it comes to Battlefield games the main event is the multiplayer and Bad Company 2 does not disappoint. What Bad Company 2 also brings back to the Battlefield franchise that has been sorely missing is really cool weapons. Well technically it’s just the standard modern day weapon inventory you’d get almost anywhere, but between great models, textures, animations and sound effects every weapon feels fun to use.

Whether you’re blasting buildings apart with rockets, laying down controlled bursts with an assault rifle or putting in big booming hits with a shotgun there’s real beef to the weaponry which again adds to the atmosphere of the game. DICE has managed once again to tap into the childish joy of shooting guns at people and things.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Video
Bad Company 2's multiplayer is excellent

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