C&C: Kane's Wrath Producer Interview

Written by Joe Martin

June 22, 2008 | 08:30

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BT: Is there any new content in the Xbox 360 version?

JV: Yeah, we have a new and exclusive game mode called Kane’s Challenge which is kind of a thing where you assume the role of one of the sub-factions in the game and fight through a gauntlet of other AI-controlled subfactions in skirmishes.

There are ten ladder rungs for each sub-faction and a total of 90 matches to play. As you go, you’re unlocking achievements and exclusive Xbox 360 video clips of Kane as he encourages and taunts you along the way.

It’s actually a really cool mode for Xbox 360 players who need to learn about the game and the sub-factions and the tech-trees and all that stuff. It’s a fantastic introduction that lets you learn more so you can enjoy Command and Conquer: Kane’s Wrath to its fullest.

BT: And there’s no chance of this extra content coming to the PC in a later patch or anything?

JV: Um, no. We don’t have any plans for that right now. It’ll probably stay as an Xbox 360 exclusive.

C&C: Kane's Wrath Producer Interview

BT: But the game is stand alone on the Xbox 360 isn’t it?

JV: Yes, it is. You don’t need Tiberium Wars or anything else to play it. It’s cheaper too because of that – around 30 Euros I think, which is good since it’s as long as most other games.

BT: And Kane’s Wrath for PC originally came with a Red Alert 3 beta – is the Xbox 360 version going to do the same offer?

JV: I do not believe so, no. I think we’ve handed out all the beta keys we have for Red Alert 3 on the PC. Console players will just have to find another way to get on the beta for that.

BT: Speaking of Red Alert 3, is the console version going to have the same interface as the Xbox 360 version of Kane’s Wrath?

JV: Well, we found that the interface for Kane’s Wrath has gotten so much good feedback that we took that as the foundation for Red Alert 3 and we’re developing even more so on top of that. We’re adding all sorts of enhancements and cool features. It’ll be the same style as in Kane’s Wrath, but with more on top.

C&C: Kane's Wrath Producer Interview

BT: And why have you moved the franchise to Xbox 360 specifically on consoles? Why isn’t there a PlayStation 3 or Wii version – or do you have plans to announce that?

JV: It was just a good transition for us to take the game from Xbox 360 to PC and it was a similar codebase for us to develop with. The success it’s had though means we’re definitely looking further down the line at future versions of the game for other consoles. It’s one step at a time still though.

BT: What about future expansions? Are there more in the pipe, or are all eyes on Red Alert 3 now?

JV: Well, you can expect us to return to the Tiberium Universe, but right now all eyes are on Red Alert 3. After we finish Kane’s Wrath, I mean.

BT: And judging from what you’ve said, I take it there’s no plans for cross-platform play in Kane’s Wrath?

JV: No, not for this game. No. We’re still trying to get to the stage where the console controls can match the PC controls. We think we’re almost there, but it’ll take some time yet.

We'd like to think both Jim and everyone else at EA and EA Westwood for their time in arranging this interview with us. If you've got any comments you want to pass on, or just a bone to pick with GDI then let us know in the forums.
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