Gaming Podcast 20 – With Added BBC

As we continue with our Made in the UK Week, we’re anxious not to get stuck just voicing our own opinions. We want to hear what other people close to the UK games industry think too, which is why we invited the BBC to come and join us for a special edition games podcast.

Well, not all of the BBC, obviously. Just Adam Rosser, who runs Radio 5’s Game On! show, which is one of the few places where computer games can get a decent mainstream outlet in the UK. You can find out more about Adam’s show over at the official BBC Radio 5 website.

Adam kindly obliged us and sat down with Joe, James and Alex to discuss what’s we’ve so far included in Made in the UK Week, as well as a host of other topics – some of which are only tangentially related to…well, anything.

As well as some of the geekiest conversations we’ve ever featured on a bit-tech podcast, this latest audio instalment also sees the return of the Guess the Screenshot competition. We’ve got new prizes this time too, with SteelSeries graciously providing us with some 5H v2 gaming headsets to give away.

This special edition games podcast runs a little longer than our usual output, but listening still couldn’t be easier – just use the links below.

Gaming Podcast 12 - With Added BBC Gaming Podcast 20 - With Added BBC

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We’d like to thank Adam for taking the time to join us, Shure for providing the microphones, SteelSeries for the headsets and Brad Sucks for the music.

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