Metaboli: Gaming on Demand

Written by Joe Martin

August 10, 2007 | 10:31

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Metaboli: Games on Demand

Pricing: £6.95 a month, Essential Collection or £12.95 a month, Ultimate Collection

Gaming on demand is fast becoming a new trend in gaming culture, with quite a few companies such as Metaboli or AWOMO jumping on to the bandwagon early and trying to make a name for themselves.

Still, there’s a large part of the gaming community that doesn’t understand just what gaming on demand is and how it works. For those people that don't understand, allow me to explain.

Gaming on demand is basically an Internet-based service that allows users who are signed up to download full games wherever they are and then to play very quickly. There are sites, such as Steam, which offer this on a per-game basis which means you can buy a game, such as Garry’s Mod, and can then download it onto multiple systems and game wherever you can access the Internets.

It’s a process which has obviously worked very well for Steam, which now has over 13 million users and a growing bit-tech Gaming community

Metaboli: Gaming on Demand Metaboli: Games on Demand
Metaboli is a subscription based games on demand service

Then there are gaming on demand services that operate on a subscription basis, such as Metaboli. These sites work by enticing signing users in to pay a fixed fee per month and then giving users access to a wide selection of games which they can then download and play wherever they want.

So, it’s kind of like a book club; you pay a fixed fee and in return you can get X many games and you can download them as many times you want for no additional fee. You can cancel at any time, etc.

Metaboli is a subscription based gaming on demand service that offers two tiers of subscription – the Essential Collection, which is available for £6.95 a month and offers 139 games, and the Ultimate collection, which offers 180 games for £12.95 a month. What’s more, Metaboli promises that three new games will be added each and every month. All games are added first to the Ultimate Collection and then filter down to the Essential Collection after a few months.

Metaboli: Gaming on Demand Metaboli: Games on Demand
Because Metaboli is web-based, it can use standard forums instead of Steam's fancy Community upgrades

Gaming on demand is starting to become so popular in fact that, when a chance came along to look at new distribution service, Metaboli, we leapt at the chance like rabid dogs. Not just because we get a 60 day trial on all the games for free either – no, we’ve got far more integrity than that.

Still, it is a lot of games...
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