Novint Falcon Limited Edition

Manufacturer: Novint
Manufacturer's SRP: $239.00

I’m getting to that stage in my job now where I find myself getting just the slightest bit jaded. I’ve heard from peers and colleagues that it happens to pretty much every journalist – we spend every day having to sift through hyperbole and spin in order to find some sort of truth at the bottom and, sooner or later, it all kind of runs together.

At the end, all you can see is press releases and the games, no matter how cool all become tedious rehashes. Games stop being about fun and start being about paying the bills. Writing becomes a chore, not a pleasure.

If I’m going to be unnecessarily personal and open about the whole thing, then I’ll admit that that is the state I found myself in last week. I chalked most of it up the influx of new AAA games – in less than a month I had written extensive reviews of Crysis, Call of Duty 4, Team Fortress 2, Portal, Episode Two and Unreal Tournament 3 – all on top of the usual duties.

Don’t worry though, this isn’t a cry for help or anything of the sort and the workload isn’t the problem – it’s just that after a while all the games start to become a blur no matter how innovative they claim to be. Thankfully, just when I was reaching a low ebb last week, something came along which managed to shake some lust back into me. This mysterious something got me all passionate about games again and I was very quickly to be found back on the frontline of the inter-office arguments – the most common of which is the classic “Which is better: System Shock 2 or Ocarina of Time?” conversation.

Novint Falcon Limited Edition Introduction
The grip of the Novint Falcon is interchangeable

And yes, regular readers, this mysterious something is the same item which I’ve been alluding to in other articles. Now the mystery is solved.

So, I introduce to you the Novint Falcon Limited Edition – a physical input with a difference. It’s been around for a little while in the concept stage and has seen bits of coverage all over the place. Now at last it’s available to the buy and is getting some new software and games behind it – from old indie favourites to some more of the established PC hits.

That makes it the perfect time to take an in-depth look at the Novint Falcon, especially with Christmas just around the corner and the world being in such short supply of Nintendo Wiis.

So, what is the Novint Falcon and what does it do? How can you get one and should you even bother? That’s what I’ll be explaining as I, revitalised and re-filled with fizzy-pop and vinegar, tackle one of the most interesting and controversial input devices that this office has ever seen.
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