What is it?: Hard mouse mat
Product Name: RatpadzGS
Manufacturer: Ratpadz
Price: £15.00

Availability: Now
Verdict: The best surface for precision mousing.

The right choice of mousing surface is very important for accuracy of your mouse. A friction free surface will also make your use of a computer much more pleasurable and healthy. As we have mentioned before on the site, if your cursor doesn't follow your mouse movements, stress can increase.

So what surface is best for your mouse? The way optical mice work requires that they be on a surface with a random pattern so that they can tell exactly which direction they are moving. Ball mice require a textured surface so that the ball grips and follows the exact movements of the mouse. What Ratpadz have done is create a surface that aims to be accurate with as little friction as possible, optimising it for optical mice.

RatpadzGS mousing surface Introduction

The RatpadzGS is the third generation of the Ratpadz gaming surface; the pad has been designed from the ground up. To see exactly what has changed we need to compare it to the previous version of the pad."
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