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Written by Wil Harris

March 9, 2006 | 21:14

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Day Three:

  • The Core of Intel's new chips
    The Core microarchitecture is at the heart of Intel's plans to regain the desktop performance crown. We delve into white papers to find out just exactly what Core is, and how it will affect performance.

  • Bridge Creek brings Conroe to the desktop
    You'll be able to run Conroe using your existing 975 chipset motherboard, but you could also invest in a new mainstream chipset, codenamed Bridge Creek.

  • Intel replaces VGA with UDI
    VGA is dead, long live... wait, what happened to DVI and HDMI? We get to the bottom of next-gen displays on PCs.

Day Two:

  • Why Intel's DRM strategy is flawed
    At IDF today, Intel has been talking about how DTCP-IP, a standard it is promoting, will enable the next generation of digital content in the home. In this analysis piece, Wil Harris explains why Intel's strategy for content protection is flawed, and why DRM will result in a bad experience for people like us.

  • We benchmark FEAR on Conroe
    We snagged some time alone with a Conroe gaming machine and managed to run one of our standard CPU benchmark tests to get some good numbers for you guys.

  • Intel invents 5GHz stock cooler
    Intel has designed a new, self-contained watercooling unit. Bringing its R&D experience to bear, this $50 cooler hits 5GHz with ease. Simply astounding.

  • NVIDIA brings AMD box to Intel shindig
    Over in the Tech Showcase, NVIDIA is showing off its Quad SLI graphics cards on AMD hardware. Frisky.

Day One:

  • Flash improves Battlefield 2 performance
    We've seen demonstrations of flash storage technology decreasing boot times and application load times. Now comes the important stuff: games!

  • Intel man takes pop at Steve Jobs
    The chap at the helm of Viiv jokes about Apple's Front Row media software and shows off some technology that will make it into future versions of Viiv.

  • Santa Rosa laptops, WiMax details from IDF
    The next generation of Intel's Centrino technology is called Santa Rosa, and it sports a host of improvements.

  • Intel pre-announces Microsoft's Origami
    Microsoft's mini media project has caused oodles of speculation over the last few weeks. Intel has been showing it off today.

  • Intel will drop ATX next year
    ATX is on its last legs, according to form factor specifialists here in San Francisco. BTX will be the future of Intel platforms from 2007.

  • Everything over IP
    The future of services and software is through the internet, with the IP protocol leading the way, we're told this morning. Also: cool anti-virus technology.

  • Intel man shows Guild Wars running on four cores
    Multiple cores are the order of the the day here at IDF. We've been treated to a demo of new software running on some funky new hardware, including top MMO Guild Wars and the new version of Microsoft Office.

  • Netburst is dead: long live Core
    Intel finally gives a name to its next-gen CPU architecture, and reveals details of how it bests the Pentium 4's Netburst.


  • Intel talks up 'Tera-Scale' computing
    With teraflops of processor power and terabytes of data storage, Intel's Chief Technology Officer believes that some interesting times are ahead.

  • The future of mobility laid out
    Intel's made good headway with its Centrino machines, but there's a lot of infrastructure work to be done if wireless computing is really to take off.

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