Creative X-Fi "Music Creation" Mod

Written by Dave Williams

November 1, 2005 | 09:47

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Creative X-Fi

At this year's CeBit exhibition, we were given a private demonstration of Creative new, top secret “Extreme Fidelity” or “X-Fi” range of soundcards. I was quite impressed with what I heard.

This was not just a secret demonstration for the privileged few, but rather, Creative had an ulterior motive for wanting to show me their new products: they wanted to commission three custom PCs to promote the card. Each PC would represent a different operating mode of the soundcard - either Music Creation, Entertainment or, of course, Hardcore Gaming. These custom machines were to be used in their worldwide product promotions. We discussed details and I eagerly accepted the challenge.

This article describes the making of the first in the series, the Music Creation computer.

Creative X-Fi
Or to put it another way, how I started with this…

Creative X-Fi
...and ended up with this.

Let the journey begin…
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