ATCS 840 by Coolmiester

Written by Antony Leather

June 8, 2009 | 10:52

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ATCS 840 by Coolmiester

Foreword by: Antony Leather

Super cars are cool. They're fast, have great looks and the latter usually comes down to a perfect blend of chrome and/or colour that makes them look good enough to eat. It's small wonder then than Coolmiester, other wise known as Paul from Coolercases has incorporated this style to his case mods and with great effect we might add.

The ATCS 840 is, if you're not a case-spotter, one of Cooler Master's best cases to date with great cooling, features and room for a monster PC as well as plenty of room for water-cooling hardware (see our review here) so is ideal for a high end water-cooled system.

Just add a bit of Coolmiester modding prowess and you end up with one of the best looking pre-built mods we've seen. Enough of our drooling though, it's over to Paul but for more info and pictures on his project, see his project log.

Ideas don't always spring out at you...

As with previous years, Cooler Master had asked me again to mod a case for its stand at the 2009 CeBIT exhibition. Luckily they were able to get me an early ‘hot off the press’ sample of its new Cooler Master ATCs 840 back in November 2008.

Usually, I’m able to unpack a case and the creative juices start to flow immediately but for some strange reason I just couldn’t get my thought processes channelled with the ATCS 840 and it literally stood in the centre of my living room so I could stare at it morning, noon and night, much to everyone’s annoyance, for quite some time before a master plan was conceived.

ATCS 840 by Coolmiester

I had initially thought about making another Intel Skulltrail system to match my Cosmos Skulltrail mod but I instinctively knew it needed to be more up to date.

So in keeping with that same theme I went with the Intel DX58SO Smackover motherboard coupled with a Core i7-965 courtesy of Intel and luckily, once that initial decision was made, it was onward and upward with the rest of the mod and the ideas just kept on coming.

ATCS 840 by Coolmiester ATCS 840 by Coolmiester

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