i31 Photo Roundup i31: More Demos

Here's Tim getting frantic with Crysis action on one of the smaller machines that surrounded a bunch of camouflage gear and a mahoosive sniper rifle. HEADSHOT!!

i31 Photo Roundup i31: More Demos i31 Photo Roundup i31: More Demos

For those that don't follow the British Superbike Championship, Scan teamed up with Intel to join the championship this year and was showing off one of its bikes on its stand. There's a photo of me on it, but you're not getting that since I'm the one writing the article. (I'll post it in the forums later -- Ed)

Apparently we also missed the booth babes who were modelling on it (the bike) by a couple of hours (Sorry guys!). Also, say Hi to Alex Watson from Custom PC magazine who we snapped playing Colin McRae's DiRT on the Matrox Triplehead2Go.

i31 Photo Roundup i31: More Demos i31 Photo Roundup i31: More Demos

Scan's watercooled case looked the absolute pimped out monster, with UV green and blue, custom spiral wrap and even Scan branded 8800 waterblocks all backed into a Cooler Master Cosmos! Now that's a PC.

i31 Photo Roundup i31: More Demos i31 Photo Roundup i31: More Demos

Samsung had a massive presence at i31, with a whole tent dedicated to the World Cyber Games Tournaments outside. There was also a second WCG/Samsung stand inside too, but this one was filled with a whole bunch of Xbox 360 pods and Samsung LCD TVs.

Crucial also had a small presence at the event and the people manning the stand seemed to fill their time with various mini games instead of showing off any new products... We found this a little strange, but after chatting with some of the company reps, we learned that are going well. Interestingly though, the company is taking DDR3 slowly at the moment, as it believes there's no need to rush - we'd be inclined to agree.

i31 Photo Roundup i31: More Demos i31 Photo Roundup i31: More Demos

Finally QuietPC was there showing off the Zalman case we recently reviewed, along with the gorgeous Reserator XT and incredibly funky looking LCD fan controller. It tells you fan speeds, temperatures, total system power usage and just simply looks incredible. Unfortunately, they are a little few and far between at the moment, as QuietPC reps told us that Zalman is having some manufacturing issues because it's so complicated - a shame.

In all it was a great event with plenty of cool stuff on show, lots of games and a huge battery of support from the industry. We can only hope that i32 is at least just as successful or perhaps even bigger than this one.

For a full run down of the results, head on over to Multiplay's i31 microsite - we'll see you at the next event!
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