PC-Beto by Hans Peder Sahl

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Foreword by Antony Leather
Bit-tech's project log forum is never short on raw talent and unique designs, and forum user p0Pe appears to have plenty of both floating around in his modding brain. In fact, his most recently completed project, called PC-Beto, was so good that it won Mod of the Month in March last year and has gone on to account for nearly 100,000 views in our forum.

Its futuristic design required plenty of skill to achieve and, as you've probably guessed by the fact that Hans Peder's project has now graced the front page of bit-tech's modding section, it looks absolutely stunning too. It's also water-cooled, but what we love most about PC-Beto is the fact that it has its origins in the ugliest of beige PC towers. It's a brilliant PC mod and Hans Peder has even made a fantastic video of his exploits, which you can see in the gallery. Anyway, without further ado, it's now over to Hans Peder to tell us how PC-Beto came into being.


I've always had a weak spot for large, old and powerful cases. They shined in the era of big beige boxes that once housed the mightiest of hardware, making nerds at the time smile after spending huge amounts of money on technology we now see in cell phones. These cases were, unlike many you see today, built to last. They might not have the nifty features we now see in many cases, but they had the one aspect that for me matters the most - great potential.

PC-Beto by Hans Peder Sahl PC-Beto by Hans Peder Sahl

One day I got my hands on a rusty old case, which had clearly been subjected to more than 11 years of hard use. It had been to countless LAN parties, dropped more times than the banhammer on every forum out there, and survived fire, water and everything else. This was the case I was going to mod, and I already had a theme in mind.

PC-Beto by Hans Peder Sahl PC-Beto by Hans Peder Sahl

PCBs were the main source of inspiration, and since my rigs have always been named 'Meto' (Meto V1, Meto V2) after an old Linkin Park album called 'Meteora', this one had to have another name. PC-Beto struck me, and I stuck with it.

PC-Beto by Hans Peder Sahl PC-Beto by Hans Peder Sahl

When I first got the case, I thought to myself that I might have bitten off more than I could chew, and that this was going to take lots of work and time. Thankfully I had a vacation at the time, so I immediately started drawing up ideas. After over a month of work, I was ready to show my first update in the forums, and I was super-excited to show what I had come up with.
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