Toxicity by Craig Stewart

Written by Antony Leather

March 17, 2011 | 15:53

Tags: #cooler-master-haf #reservoir #rivet #water-cooling

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Dismantling the case

When modding, its best to get a feel for what your working with, whether its aluminium, steel or plastic. With case mods, a really good way to do this is strip the case down by removing the rivets - doing this can give you a fuller understanding of how your mod will end up taking shape.

When I stripped my HAF932 down, I started with the side panels. I then moved on to the plastic bezels both on the roof and the front panel, working my way into the case and doing the same to the fans, PCI slots, hard drive trays and even the Tool-less optical bay mounts - all were removed by hand. Then out came the power tools and I started drilling out the rivets to leave single metal sections ready for painting.

I was amazed at how many rivets were in the case - a credit to how well built it is, especially as I managed not to cut my hands once on any sharp metal edges.
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