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May 16, 2006 | 22:03

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Foreword by Geoff Richards, Deputy Editor
By now, Micke "GoTaLL" Gustafsson should need no introduction - he has developed into one of the most prolific modders in the community and we have featured his work on many occasions here at bit-tech. So when he contacted us and explained his next project was to create a modded PC out of an alloy wheel, we couldn't wait to see the end result.

The following pages show the evolution of that idea, and we use that word "evolution" very deliberately. This project started out as one intended to be relatively quick and simple. As you will see, the design evolved through several different phases but the end result is pure Swedish genius.

EPIA Alloy Mod by GoTaLL

A couple of months ago I was commissioned by VIA Technologies to build four engraved cases for their Home of Chrome, the eSports training facility and girlz 0f destruction house here in my native Sweden. As a result of that deal, I was given one of their EPIA mini ITX motherboards and my new challenge was to think of a cool case mod design to build around it.

EPIA Alloy mod EPIA Alloy Mod EPIA Alloy mod EPIA Alloy Mod

As the days grow longer and Summer approaches, a lot of car-owning Swedes swap their winter wheels for some Summertime "bling rims". We can't run them all year round because of our harsh winter - the combination of snow and salt on the roads would ruin any decent set of alloys.

EPIA Alloy mod EPIA Alloy Mod EPIA Alloy mod EPIA Alloy Mod

So I was standing in my local tyre store and I got chatting to the guy I know who works there. He asked me what was keeping me busy these days and I explained to him the whole concept of case modding. It's not all that different from modding cars, so he understood straight away. To cut a long story short, I left the store with a brand new 17 inch PLW alloy wheel. I knew instantly that it had enough "wow-factor" to become the theme for my EPIA mod.

EPIA Alloy mod EPIA Alloy Mod
Before I continue, I want to take a minute to thank my sponsors, without which this project would not have been possible. Thanks go to VIA for providing the EPIA SP13000 LVDS motherboard and processor; to Crucial for sending me 512MB Ballistix memory; and to Mini-ITX.com for providing the invaluable picoPSU.

In traditional bit-tech style, here is a teaser of the final result:

EPIA Alloy mod EPIA Alloy Mod EPIA Alloy mod EPIA Alloy Mod
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