Machinatrix Part 1 by PilouX

Written by Piloux

November 23, 2005 | 16:08

Tags: #acrylic #blackmesa-ii #fan-grill #matrix #piloux #psu #solder

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Foreword by Geoff Richards, Deputy Editor

Believe it or not, Belgium is a hotbed of case modding talent. Everybody was blown away by Gert Swolfs' Hypercube, but there is another Belgian modder who is well known around these parts, and that is Christophe Jambon, otherwise know simply as PilouX.

Machinatrix Part 1 by PilouX Machinatrix Concept Machinatrix Part 1 by PilouX Machinatrix Concept
The first PilouX case we featured on bit-tech was Dark Crystal - a hand-crafted, wooden chassis with a super slick fusion of perspex sheeting, inspired by our own Chris Newman's Vesperdeco case. We knew then that this boy had talent, yet nobody could predict what happened next.

Machinatrix Part 1 by PilouX Machinatrix Concept Machinatrix Part 1 by PilouX Machinatrix Concept
Spurred on by the then-unreleased Half-Life 2, PilouX created a truely outstanding HL2-themed case for himself, featuring the now trademarked rusty paint job. So impressive was this first case, dubbed 'Blackmesa', that Valve commissioned PilouX to create a case for the meeting room at their Seattle HQ. Blackmesa II was born, and it is now one of the most recognisable mods on the Net - even people outside the modding community recognise it, such was its fame.

After months of back-to-back modding, PilouX took some time away from the scene, but it is my pleasure to announce that he is back in the workshop, and today we can bring you the first instalment of his latest project:

Machinatrix by PilouX

PilouX writes I have never built a case mod based on acrylic case before, and it is something I have wanted to do. One day, I got some ideas when looking at my glass cabinet in which I have a Matrix Sentinel machine from McFarlane Figurines.

Machinatrix Part 1 by PilouX Machinatrix Concept Machinatrix Part 1 by PilouX Machinatrix Concept
If you're (somehow) not familiar with the films, this is what a Sentinel looks like.

I don’t want to reproduce exactly this Sentinel, but I like its reds eyes, dark grey colour and all that mess of arms and tentacles spreading out the machine in all the directions. The general case design I would like to reproduce is an industrial internal look with stealthy components; the idea is to give the interior the machine look with a lot of wires/tentacles going through the case( dark grey colour and red LEDs / perspex for the colour touch) and an "Orac³ like" wiring.

I have to say that Pete, with his amazing Orac³ , showed to the world the best way to hide cables and components...but I don't plan to use shower hoses and chrome like him. This mod will not be a copy of his famous case mod but I’ll use some of his great ideas that I love. Thank you Pete.

The case I chose as the basis for this case mod is the new Clearcomputercase C3 model, which will be available on the market soon - great thanks to ClearcomputerCase to provide me with their baby. This is case made of six panels of laser-cut smoke acrylic sheets that will be available in few different colours. I choose the smoked model because I think this will fit really well with the darker spirit of the whole mod.

Here is the first part of a series of articles about my next mod’s construction.
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