Mod of the Month October 2010

Written by Antony Leather

November 12, 2010 | 12:27

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Mod of the Month - October 2010

We don't know about you, but it's got decidedly chilly here in the UK - so much so that Harry no longer scares the pigeons of London by baring his manly legs - he's stopped wearing shorts. For many of us, the lack of modding-friendly weather is also forcing us indoors, much to the disdain of whomever we share our houses with.

However, there's plenty going on in our project log forum, with work continuing with current projects and plenty of new mods and scratch builds appearing on the scene too. There's also lots of interesting stuff going on in our modding forum which is absolutely full of guides, plans for new projects and a lot more besides.

We've also got an exciting competition going on in the Aquatuning sub-forum, where you can design a case for water-cooling and have Phobya build it for you. Click the link to find out more about designing your own case.

We're proud to have the legendary Mnpctech sponsoring Mod of the Month. The Mnpctech team are regulars on our forums and in addition to being avid modders themselves with some awesome projects to their name, the Mnpctech online store is one place every modder should visit at least once.

Mod of the Month October 2010

Up for grabs for the winner of Mod of the Month from here on in is one of these awesome prizes from the Mnpctech store itself. There'll be some new and exciting products from Mnpctech on the horizon too but for now, feast your eyes on these pieces of true PC bling.

Mod of the Month October 2010

Prize 1. 120mm Mnpctech Billet Fan grill.

CNC machined from 3/16" thick aluminium. Removable powder coated Honeycomb hole grill. Grill has 1/4" size hexagon holes that provide 79% airflow.

Mod of the Month October 2010

Prize 2. 120mm Overkill "Nautilus" Billet Fan Grill.

CNC machined from 1/2" thick 6061 aluminum.

Mod of the Month October 2010

Prize 3. Pair of Mnpctech Billet Case Handles

CNC machined from 3/4" thick aluminium. Includes 4 fasteners and nuts. 1/4" mounting hole, 3/4" width x 6-1/4' length x 1-11/16" tall

So it's a huge thanks to Mnpctech for stumping up such fantastic prizes again this month. Last month we had six new projects going head to head and each one has the potential to become a classic project in its own right. In the end, the man with the votes was Razer2007 with his awesome-looking CAGE project. He only won by a whisker though - just 4 points behind was Quintessence by voigts with the Star Wars-inspired STORMTRUPER by hurv coming in third.

Back to this month and October has seen plenty of new projects hit our forums as well as some great work continuing on current ones. We've got six new ones for you again though so feast your eyes on this lot.

This Month's Contenders

Mod of the Month October 2010 Mod of the Month October 2010
Mod of the Month October 2010 Mod of the Month October 2010 Mod of the Month October 2010 Mod of the Month October 2010

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