PolyGFX Ratpad Skin

Written by Wil Harris

November 28, 2003 | 00:00

Tags: #mouse #mousepad #polygfx #ratpad

PolyGFX Ratpad Skin The skin

What is it?: RatPadz replacement surface
Who makes it?: PolyGFX
How much?: $20
Verdict: A fantastic little product to add that personal touch to your rig.

PolyGFX are an American company that have arrived only recently on the \'modding manufacturer\' scene. They are known for their selection of case skins - stick on case appliques that can give your case that airbrushed-artwork look, only without any artistic talent needed! Recently, they\'ve also began to produce the funky little things I have here today - RatPadz skins.

Now, what\'s the point in buying a cover for a RatPad, when the whole point of buying the RatPad was for the surface? Well, it\'s a good question, and the first one that I asked. However, this skin has been developed to be as close to the surface of the original as possible. The bonus? Full colour artwork to personalise your pad.

We asked PolyGFX to send us over some review samples with a funky little design we knocked up with our new logo (more on that soon ;)

PolyGFX Ratpad Skin The skin

The skin arrives just like this - sort of like a sticker on some backing paper. The destinctive RatPadz GS design is evident!

PolyGFX Ratpad Skin The skin

Next to the victim.

PolyGFX Ratpad Skin The skin

Removing the surface is simply a case of peeling it like so...
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