The Tetris Mod

September 10, 2007 | 09:41

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The Pieces (continued)

The Tetris Mod The Pieces (con't)
With the external frames completed, it was time to begin the internal structure. Each piece would be different, and so each clan member could set the internal system up any way that he or she wanted. For instance, you can see one member's HDD and cooling array above.

The Tetris Mod The Pieces (con't) The Tetris Mod The Pieces (con't)

Each block would have its LEDs wired to their resistors, and we placed the cables in what we feel is the most discreet possible way. Each LED wiring setup was done with the same colour wire as the LEDs would be, which would help to further hide the clutter. After a test fit for the LEDs, we were pretty satisfied.

The Tetris Mod The Pieces (con't) The Tetris Mod The Pieces (con't)

Before we could finally start installing systems, we needed the walls of the blocks. The goal was to have each wall be a coloured methacrylate, which didn’t exist in the colours we needed. So, we had to improvise - we decided to use transparent methacrylate and placed colour films on the 30cm x 30cm inside walls.

Of course, that can cause a mess at the edges upon close inspection, so we had to devise a workaround. This was done by cutting a 45º bevel on the edge of each wall. Not only did that make the colour film disappear from sight, it also made the pieces feel a little more like the original Tetris pieces, where each block's four "squares" were bevelled.
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