PCSpecialist Myrmidon III PC Review

September 2, 2020 | 12:21

Tags: #pc #prebuilt-system #windows-10

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For temperatures, HWMonitor is a good, free software to use. We use blender to test the CPU's peak temperature and then load up Far Cry New Dawn and check the GPU peak temperature. Here are the results:

100 Degrees is a high CPU peak temperature for this system. We definitely would prefer to see it below 80 degrees. However, there was no clear evidence of throttling. 

Power Consumption

To see power consumption, we use a watt meter to see how much power is used when the system is idle, using Blender and then gaming in FHD 1080p. 


In terms of the noise, the system gives of a nice gentle hum when on and in use.  Occasionally you might hear the fans kick in a little more when loading up a game, or when you put a lot of load on pushing the system, but it's nothing drastic. Generally, a very nice quiet PC.

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