PCSpecialist Myrmidon III PC Review

September 2, 2020 | 12:21

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Value Perspective

With pre-built systems, we use PCPartpicker to evaluate relative value for money. We weren't able to find the specific SSD used by PCS as it's an own-brand drive. It was substituted by an entry-level Samsung.


As you can see, PCSpecialist is offering a hassle-free, pre-built system that's shipped safely and has the much-needed warranty... all for cheaper than what it would cost you to build it yourself. It's definitely nice to know that you aren't getting charged more for buying pre-built and gives you some peace of mind if there is ever an issue with it as you have the back-up and warranty from a well-known company. 

Closing Thoughts

The system offers solid performance in almost every area. The chassis, CPU and motherboard are are solid, though we're surprised at how ineffective the Noctua heatsink was at keeping a stock-clocked processor cool.

It is a shame that the PCSpecialist used 4x4GB ram instead of 2x8GB, thereby limiting simple upgrading of system memory, and while we're at it, the use of an in-house-branded SATA-based SSD is at odds with the other decent bits of kit in the system; there should definitely be a PCIe 3.0 drive as the main boot storage.

That said, performance is decent overall, the chassis represents easy upgrading to watercooling, value is excellent, and noise levels are on the low side, just as we like it.

The good outweighs the bad, but with a few thoughtful improvements PCSpecialist could improve this system from being merely good to excellent.

The Good:

  • Good FPS among a variety of games
  • Very tidy cable management
  • Very spacious, Great for future upgrades
  • Noise levels are low
  • Sleek, premium look and design
  • Warranty
The Not So Good:
  • Lack of side-panel window
  • 4x4GB RAM used instead of 2x8GB
  • No NVMe storage
  • CPU gets toasty
  • Lack of RGB

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