The Men In Charge

“Gaming is a social event now. I’ll never forget the time I saw a family all playing a PC game together in one of our abroad Omega Sektor branches. Three generations of a single family playing and, the best thing was, the Grandma. She was the most competitive of all of them and kept swearing at the others though she only had three teeth. I’ll never forget that,” said Adrian Le Mans, Sales and Marketing Director for Omega Sektor in the opening presentation at the start of the day.

Adrian was a man with a similar passion for gaming to the one shared by his employees; he carried himself with a confidence and conviction that made his ultimate goal believable. When I spotted him in the VIP area, I seized the opportunity to get a few answers from him.

Sitting back in the luxurious leather chairs, I started by asking Adrian about how he saw Omega Sektor moving forward in the months and, hopefully, years to come.

“Our main strength is that we listen,” he said, leaning forward and away from the screen to avoid distraction. “We play with our customers and we listen to what they have to say about us. If they want to be able to bring in their own games, then they can. If they want to bring in their own keyboards then they can.”

Omega Sektor LAN Gaming Centre The Man In Charge
Adrian Le Mans, the man in charge

Good enough, but if you’ve got your keyboard at home already then what is there to bring you out to a centre like Omega Sektor?

“Gaming from home is a solitary experience. No matter how good your headset and software, it’s still a solitary experience. Here, you can meet people and have fun. Gaming is about recreation. That’s what we offer and that’s why we offer people a chance to come along – our first two days open are going to be free and we give people five free hours on their birthday.”

“We even offer people special events, like our family feud day where we encourage families to come and game together. It lets parents who may not understand the games their children play have a chance to enjoy themselves with their kids.”

This led me directly on to one of my main concerns about a centre like this, which was to do with how it may be perceived by parents whose children spend all in this windowless, flickering environment.

Omega Sektor LAN Gaming Centre The Man In Charge Omega Sektor LAN Gaming Centre The Man In Charge
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“Well, we listen to parents too. What we do at our other branches abroad is work with local authorities and stop people playing during school hours or notify the police if we think it is a problem – however parents want us to respond. We also encourage people to go outside or to just take a break from the screen. That’s why we have the bar and the lounge areas.”

“We want to be the UK hub of gaming, competitively and socially. We have the Sky ten day tournament here later in the year and we have deals set up for professional teams and clans so they can use local hotels and come to play here. This branch cost £4 million, but with our eight years experience in this field we know it’ll prove successful.”
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