Switch Side Story Pt 1

Written by Jason Cundall

April 28, 2004 | 01:00

Tags: #imac #mac #osx #powerbook #powermac #switch #windows

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But now, I’ve come to the killer decision. A new hardware acquisition of major importance, as it’ll be replacing my desktop PC as my main machine for day to day usage. You’ve probably all felt the chill in the air. A prickle on the back of your neck. A disturbance in the Force.

The very thought of this decision will send most of you into fits of laughter, snorts of anger, looks of astonishment, hoots of derision and any or all of them together.

You see, I’m buying a Mac.

Yep, you heard me. A Mac. There, I’ve said it. I’ve come clean. The dirty little secret GOO’s been harbouring for the past couple of months is out in the open.

Now that I see most of you have composed yourselves, I’ll continue.

Why a Mac? Well – why not. Ok, that’s a bit glib. I’ll try and explain as best I can.

Firstly, I want a laptop. Yes, I know I already have a very nice Centrino based Samsung X10. But I’d be kidding you if I told you it was mine. Ever since it came through the door, Mrs GOO claimed it for her own. And woe betides anything that comes between my missus and a game of Dungeon Siege whilst watching the TV.

Secondly, I want a change. Simple. And you can’t really get much different than jumping camps and buying a Mac. OS X looks good and again is a change for me. Not only on the GUI side, but under the hood – as it’s all based around Free BSD 5. I’m not a Unix person (I can just about spell vi, but know enough to shudder at the thought), so that sort of interests me as it’s an area I’ve often wanted to get into. And of course, with it being a flavour of *nix lurking beneath the powder and paint, you get the benefits of the “legendary” (see what I’ve done there? The quotes act as my flameproof trousers…) stability of *nix.

Thirdly, I want something that looks “sexy” – this is a relative term, and your “sexy” may not match my “sexy.” But Apple has consistently made some of the best-looking kit on the market. (And it’s not just me that thinks this – ask Lian Li and the plethora of other case manufacturers that are copying Mr Ive’s designs) In my not so humble opinion, the latest Aluminium Powerbooks look stunning.

Fourthly, the whole Windows update, virus and script kiddy thing doesn’t really happen on a Mac. Ever heard of a Mac Virus? Or an OSX security vulnerability?

Fifthly, it’ll complete the process of quietening the computers of the household, as I intend to use it as my main day-to-day machine. And as such, the machine will not be hammered like my PC’s of the past, as it’ll be used for retrieving mail, browsing the web, doing stuff for Bit. Or to put it simply, everything bar playing games on it.

Of course, those are all my reasons. I can’t expect everyone or anyone to agree with me on them – and I’m sure a lot of you won’t. I’m also sure there are more reasons, but I can’t readily put them into words – so I won’t attempt to.
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