Zalman Quiet Trio

Written by Fred Hunt

April 27, 2006 | 13:41

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Zalman Quiet Trio. Shhhh!

If someone said the word Zalman to you, I have no doubt that the word 'silence' would appear in most of your heads as for so long the Korean company has made its mission to give us exactly that. The trio of products QuietPC, Zalman's UK distributor, have sent us to have a look at sits firmly on the army of products working to keep noise under control and out of our computing world.

Fresh from the review of the Zalman HD160 HTPC Enclosure, in which these products were tested, we will be taking a further, more in-depth look at what Zalman would like us to invest our hard earned pennies in in the pursuit of low-noise computing.

Zalman Quiet Trio Introduction Zalman Quiet Trio Introduction
Zalman Quiet Trio Introduction Zalman Quiet Trio Introduction
In our three part article we will give you a look at not only how they perform, but also how easy they are to install; at the quality of build, completeness of instructions and accessory bundle. The HD160 HTPC Enclosure review they all looked and worked well; individual analysis will help you decide whether or not they fit into the individual application you need them for.

The CNPS9500-AT, VF900-Cu and ZM460-APS are weapons against noise. Join us as we lock, load and fire them up against some of the hottest hardware around...
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