Bitspower AIZ97M7IITX Maximus VII Impact Waterblock Review

Written by Antony Leather

January 14, 2015 | 10:44

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To test the AIZ97M7IITX we used a Core i5-4690K, overclocked to 4.5GHz using a vcore of 1.18V. We used Prime95 v28.5 to load the CPU and Core Temp to measure the CPU deltaT. We also used an infrared thermometer to measure the temperature of a specific point on the VRM daughterboard. Also in the loop was a BlackIce Nemesis GTS 240 radiator, a Laing D5 pump and XSPC reservoir combo.

Intel LGA1150 CPU delta T

Arranged by 100 per cent CPU load delta T value

  • EK Supreme LTX CPU waterblock
  • Bitspower AIZ97M7IITX waterblock
  • 55
  • 60
Delta T (°C) (lower is better)

Performance Analysis

We didn't expect a result that rivalled a dedicated CPU waterblock but the AIZ97M7IITX came within 5°C, which is 6°C better than the original AIZ77ITXD waterblock, albeit with a different CPU. This is a pretty good result and one that's still likely to be cooler than all-in-one liquid coolers, depending on your cooling setup of course.

*Bitspower AIZ97M7IITX Maximus VII Impact Waterblock Review Bitspower AIZ97M7IITX - Results, Performance Analysis and Conclusion
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We also pointed an infrared thermometer at a specific point on the PCB and took readings with and without the waterblock. Interestingly, it was 9°C cooler with the waterblock attached - perhaps due the fact the chokes are being given a helping hand - so it's good to know the waterblock actually makes a difference here.


The main reason we'd consider the Bitspower AIZ97M7IITX, apart from aesthetics, is the fact that it can grab even more heat away from the motherboard, dump it into the coolant and sent it to your radiator than a standard CPU waterblock. In toasty mini-ITX cases, this is important, especially if you're overclocking too. Yes, you lose a few degrees of cooling but that's unlikely to mean anything in performance terms.

The heatsinks on the Impact aren't bad but it's interesting to see the waterblock did actually improve things too, allowing the daughterboard to run cooler as well as not relying on your case's airflow for cooling. The G1/4in ports are spaced far enough apart for any fittings to be used too and of course it looks fantastic, which is probably your main reason for buying it anyway. The only downside as far as we can see is that it costs between £30 and £50 more than a basic CPU waterblock and doesn't perform quite as well. On the plus side, you cool nearly every hot spot on the Impact and the AIZ97M7IITX is undeniably a great aesthetic addition to a mini-ITX water-cooled PC.
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