Be Quiet! Pure Base 500 Review

September 17, 2019 | 12:00

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The side panel attachment mechanisms are unexciting but functional. The tempered glass one uses four outward facing thumbscrews like so many others, and the steel one relies on notches and rails, but it’s a decent implementation with captive thumbscrews and easy-to-align mating parts.

Inside, the layout is straightforward and fairly by-the-book, but what works works. A good-quality, perforated steel PSU shroud helps tidy things up, and the motherboard tray features pre-fitted standoffs including a slightly extended central one to help hold your board in place initially. Clearance levels for CPU coolers and graphics cards sit at 190mm and 369mm respectively, which is plenty sufficient even for high-end gear.

Further ahead of the motherboard tray is an SSD bracket with space for two 2.5” SSDs to face the tempered glass – useful if you have SSDs with interesting designs and/or LEDs that are more worth showing off. 

Viewed from the other side, you’ll find another SSD bracket straddling the CPU cooler cutout. Both this and the glass-facing bracket are removable from this area, and doing so is very simple, as you just need to remove a single thumbscrew. In both cases, this thumbscrew is appropriately tightened so as to be truly thumb-accessible rather than needing a screwdriver, which is often overlooked.

The power supply is inserted using the dedicated bracket, and it has some good-quality rubber pads to rest on.

Further ahead of this is a two-bay HDD cage which uses decoupled mounting grommets rather than trays – this is Be Quiet!, after all. What this means, however, is that only one 2.5” SSD is supported, but since there’s support for four others elsewhere, we can’t see this being a big limitation. The HDD cage is again easy to remove, this time with two captive thumbscrews.

Instead of full removal, the HDD cage can also be shunted a slot backwards to make way for front 360mm radiators, with Be Quiet! promising 140mm-deep ATX PSUs will still fit without problem should you do this. There’s an impressive 85mm of clearance behind the front fans for radiators (thanks also to a cutaway section of the PSU shroud), which is enough for a thick radiator and a second bank of fans. The roof is also available for 240mm radiators as a maximum, although depth here is more limited thanks to proximity to the motherboard.

There are no grommets on the cable routing holes, but you do have good accessibility to the side of the motherboard as well as above and below it, even if some of the holes are a little small. Clearance behind the motherboard tray is decent too, and there are lots of hooks and four installed Velcro cable ties too – it’s clear Be Quiet! hasn’t shunned cable routing. The removable SSD bracket can aid cable routing as well.

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