Cooler Master NR200P Review

Written by Mason Lyons

April 26, 2021 | 09:52

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Performance Analysis

Having mesh side panels on both sides of the case we always expected the NR200P to do well in our thermal tests. The results seem to show that. We’ve included some results that were done without a side panel, just for curiosity, but these should be disregarded as they’re unrealistic. 

Using the tower cooler configuration, we can see a clear increase in temperature of 7°C on the CPU when we switch from the mesh to tempered-glass configuration. The GPU temperature stays within margin of error when switching and is in the middle of the pack, as well.

For the low-profile cooler we have test results for using the riser in the 'normal' GPU mounts. Cooler Master either comes at the very top in the case of the GPU temperatures or towards the top with the CPU temperatures.

Overall, then, this is a good showing. If using air cooling, we don't see any reason why you would struggle to keep hot hardware cool if adopting an adequate cooler. Something like the NH-U12S from Noctua would be a great match with the mesh panels.


It's hard to come up with much wrong with the Cooler Master NR200P. It has decent thermals, a great set of accessories, and is a joy to work in. Add on support from Cooler Master with 3D files and the slick mounting options throughout the case and you've got a product that's not only good for the current retail price, but could arguably have been sold for more and still been a solid buy.

It's not all perfect, however. Talking of the top panel, when installed, the plastic tends to 'pop' when pushed and flexes when held. It's a bit of a jarring experience when the rest of the case seems to have immaculate manufacturing. I'd have also liked the top of the case to accommodate an AIO or 240mm radiator with fans a bit more easily. You can't have everything, mind, so for the money, if you are air cooling a small-form-factor rig, the Cooler Master NR200P is a safe buy.

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