Cooler Master's Praetorian 731

Written by Rob Young

April 2, 2005 | 01:00

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Cooler Master's Praetorian 731

CeBIT at Hannover this year saw the introduction of many new and interesting products, not least a new range of cases from Cooler Master. We always get excited when we hear about new cases from Cooler Master here at, we waited with bated breath for the first of the new breed to be delivered for review, the Praetorian 731:

Coolermaster's Praetorian 731 Intro
The styling of the new praetorian is very distinctive; aluminium ridges protrude from the front, a vent on its left hand side is rimmed with a large 'splodge' shaped piece of blue tinted perspex (the picture above shows the case with an optional window replacing the 'splodge') and the case's name adorns one of its floppy bay covers:

Coolermaster's Praetorian 731 Intro Coolermaster's Praetorian 731 Intro
If you're familiar with Cooler Master's original all aluminium
cases then you'll no doubt already of recognised the chassis around which the Praetorian is based. It's clear from the off that there's actually very little that's new about this case, its front may differ quite significantly in the cosmetic department but its heart and lungs are the Cooler Master of old. Why change a winning formula?
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