Lian Li: Its best selling cases and the cost of aluminium

BT: What is Lian Li's best ever selling model?

LiLi: The best selling models have been the PC-60 and PC-7 chassis. However, the PC-V1000 has been the model to catch customer attention and was the first to identify Lian Li as a high-end product.

BT: Given aluminium prices are ever increasing with respect to steel, how has this affected Lian Li's business? Will it eventually make aluminium cases non-viable for PC chassis due to an ever-increasing raw material cost?

LiLi: Raw aluminium cost has increased 15-20 per cent in the last 18 month period. Lian Li has had to absorb the cost in order to balance out price increases to remain competitive. It will depend on the global economy when Lian Li adjusts its prices accordingly, but the Lian Li brand will always remain synonymous with all-aluminium cases.

Lian Li V1020, V2120 preview Lian Li: Best selling cases and the cost of aluminium Lian Li V1020, V2120 preview Lian Li: Best selling cases and the cost of aluminium
The PC-T1 Spider. mini-ITX and quite creepy

BT: How well has the Lancool range been received versus the traditional Lian Li case brand?

LiLi: Lancool uses components of Lian Li's latest technologies and its inventive design; for example, its patented tool-less features.

Lancool has seen heavy growth in sales for South East Asia and American markets, so we consider the Lancool brand a success.

BT: So which Lancool has been the most popular?

LiLi: The K62 - our high-end Lancool - is one of the most popular.

BT: You mentioned East Asia and Americas, but what about Europe?

LiLi: The European markets are very mature and as such, are difficult to introduce new brands to.
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