Phanteks Eclipse P600S Review

Written by Antony Leather

March 4, 2019 | 10:00

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Performance Analysis

With the vents removed to start with, the Eclipse P600S rocketed up to the top of the cooling graph with a CPU delta T of 48°C outstripping the Evolv X by 3°C, which isn't surprising given the latter has a similar if not identical fan setup, but a fixed front panel. The GPU delta T was also impressive at 48°C, beating the Evolv X by 4°C and coming within 1°C of the top spot.

Adding the panels to the vents had a noticeable impact on noise spillage, cutting it dramatically. The case wasn't unpleasant to sit next to before, but it was close to silent with the panels installed. This did see temperatures rise, though, with the CPU delta T jumping 4°C to around Evolv X levels, while the GPU delta T suffered by a larger 6°C, being 2°C warmer than the Evolv X.


We can't imagine that the exterior would repulse anyone, and it does look better in the flesh, especially in gunmetal grey, leaving us with few if any bones of contention with the Eclipse P600S. It has good cooling, which becomes exceptional if you remove the magnetic panels and let that new material mesh do its thing, but it still offers enough airflow to deal with overclocked systems should you go the low-noise route.

It's incredibly easy to work with, and unlike many cases we've dealt with recently, the extra plastic covers and modular drive bays are easy to fit and/or move around. Water-cooling support is excellent too, plus you won't run into issues with CPU or graphics card cooler limits. The obvious competition is Fractal Design's Define R6, which is similar in a number of areas, but we'd have to admit the Eclipse P600S, while a close fight, would probably get our cash.

In short, the Eclipse P600S is a superb PC case that manages to cater to both air- and water-cooling fans as well as high-airflow or low-noise requirements without making sacrifices in any of those areas, and we'd go as far as saying this is Phanteks' best case yet, all things considered.

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