Revoltec Rhodium

Written by Joe Martin

July 31, 2007 | 16:30

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Revoltec Rhodium

Revoltec is a company that we’ve had mixed opinions of in the past. On the one hand, the Revoltec Fightboard was a decent performer despite a few drawbacks and was an excellent budget gaming keyboard. On the other hand though, the Revoltec Zirconium case was a massive disappointment and left us with a bit of a sour taste in our mouths.

So, we took a bit of a breather from Revoltec between then and now – time to let our review feedback sink in and to give Revoltec chance to come back and wow us with another case. So, what has Revoltec come up with now?

It’s called the Rhodium, which I still think isn’t perhaps the best name for a PC case but which is undeniably better than the Zirconium. If you want to know any more than that though, then you’ll have to read the review...

Rodeo ‘em!

The first concern for anyone looking for a new case is usually how good, or bad, it looks to a passing eye. Does it look like something you would really want to put on your living room floor or display openly on top of your desk?

Revoltec Rhodium Revoltec Rhodium
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So, just how does the Rhodium look?

In a nutshell? None too shabby. We got our hands on a black version Rhodium and the whole chassis looked sleek and sexy, glistening in the flickering fluorescent lights of bit-tech HQ. The side panels aren’t windowed or dotted with grills, which gives the case a subtle, solid appearance.

There is a handle on the left side panel, a plastic grip-point which protrudes about a centimetre out of the case that's dotted with small ventilation holds. The only other vent point is a small set of diagonally slanted gashes in the bottom of the same panel. While this may mean that ventilation is a bit of an issue, a matter we’ll get to in our system testing, it does give the case a certain appeal.

The front of the case is quite attractive too, though staff consensus was divided regarding the front door, which also widens out a little from the rest of the case, just as the Zirconium did.

What divided opinion however was the mechanism for opening the door. You see, there’s no handle to grab and no place to hook a finger into. It wouldn’t be a problem if the case were held shut by a weak magnet, but instead the Rhodium uses a physical clasp to hold the door shut and it can occasionally require a bit of bullying to open it.

Revoltec Rhodium Revoltec Rhodium
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Without a handle or finger-hold, opening the door has to be done by pushing down hard on the around-door ventilation mesh around the top of the door and pulling sharply. Bear in mind that the mesh isn’t reinforced for this purpose and can be seen to be bending under the pressure.

The issue forced the office into two factions; those who thought it wasn’t a problem and that the case was fine as it was and myself, who wanted to cut a corner off the door to use as a handle.
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