Shuttle SB81P XPC

Written by Fred Hunt

August 3, 2004 | 01:00

Tags: #lga775 #sff #small-form-factor #xpc

Companies: #intel #shuttle

Shuttle SB81P XPC Contents
Well packed and likely to survive an earthquake, the SB81P comes complete with everything you will need except CPU, Memory, HDD and Optical/Floppy drives. There is onboard video so you will be able to use the unit while the availability of PCI-e based graphics improves - at the time of writing, no PCI-E video cards were available for purchase in the UK market.

Shuttle SB81P XPC Contents
Sporting a totally screw-free rail system for mounting your drives is an especially welcome sight. I have pretty much lost count of the times a screw has dropped into the innards of my other PCs. Included are the required rails to install 3 HDDs and an Optical drive or 2HDDs, an Optical and a Floppy drive. There are also the usual "friendly feet", well written and photo heavy manual and driver CD.
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