Thermaltake Core G21 TG Review

September 21, 2017 | 14:00

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Performance Analysis

Equipped with only a single 120mm fan, we weren't expecting a lot from the Core G21 TG in terms of thermal performance. The fan also proved to be quite slow spinning even at full speed (this at least means it's rather quiet), and even with the ventilated front and roof, it only managed a relatively warm delta T of 57°C with our test hardware. Nonetheless, we're confident this could easily be improved upon given the expansion options – what's important to note at this price is that it does an adequate job even with overclocked hardware.

Things were similar on the GPU front, with the delta T of 53°C again placing it in the lower half of the graphs. Again, though, there's heaps of room to use a GPU with a better cooler than ours, and the front and lower intake mounts can easily be used to boost airflow.


The Core G21 TG is a great budget option from Thermaltake. £60-£65 is the typical asking price, and for that money you get a smart looking case that's easy to work with for the most part, will accommodate the vast majority of today's mainstream hardware, and is flexible when it comes to drive installation and cooling expansion (both air and water). The use of tempered glass on both panels has led to a few compromises on build quality here and there, but nothing that's too concerning. As such, this is definitely one for the shortlist if you're shopping in the £60 to £70 region, and if you're shopping on an even tighter budget right now, Scan has it on offer for just £48, which is an absolute steal.

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