Thermaltake Core P1 TG Review

December 6, 2017 | 16:30

Tags: #case #mini-itx #sff #small-form-factor #tempered-glass #wall-mount

Companies: #thermaltake

Performance Analysis

Given that this is more of a showpiece case than anything else and that most people will likely be using liquid-cooling on the CPU, GPU, or both, our thermal testing isn't really needed. Nonetheless, since we built the rig, we thought we might as well do it anyway. Unsurprisingly, the results are very good and almost the same as running the hardware with no case at all. The obvious downsides are going to be dust accumulation over time and noise output, but these can be addressed by regular cleaning and buying hardware that isn't loud to begin with.


It's always satisfying to receive something different from the norm, especially when it comes to cases. £105 is a lot for a mini-ITX case, but the strength of the materials helps to justify the cost, and this is clearly a case aimed at those looking for something towards the premium end of the spectrum. There is flexibility when it comes to installing hardware and how you want your rig to look, and that's an important asset for a case like this.

A little more organisation in the packaging and some improvement to the options for cable routing would definitely help this case out, but its uniqueness in the market helps it stand out, and if you really want to show off your water-cooled mini-ITX rig, it's a pretty cool case to pick for the job.

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