Thermaltake Level 20 XT Review

Written by Antony Leather

September 24, 2018 | 17:00

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The roof section also sports a dust filter, and to cater for the eight (!) possible 120mm fan mounts here it's nearly big enough to cover a football field. The idea is that you clean it in place, though, as it's secured with screws while the panel itself will also need to be unscrewed to get at it.

As we saw with the Core X series, Thermaltake has employed the dual-row fan design to offer massive water-cooling potential. There's space for two 480mm radiators side by side with practically unlimited clearance beneath, or you have the option of using a pair of 420mm radiators. The benefit here, rather than using the front fan mounts, is that the trays can be removed, allowing you to fit your radiators to them outside the case, with the alternative being much more awkward and likely a strain on your biceps too.

Interestingly, there's also a set of side fan mounts that can play host to a 480mm or 420mm radiator, although there's no intake vent here, so efficiency will likely be rather poor, plus you'll be venting back into the case. The base has yet more fan mounts and space for up to 480mm or 420 mm radiators, although we should add that you can't use the side and base for larger radiators, as the PSU needs to sit in one of those areas, having as it does the ability to switch sides. If you decide to go with air cooling, you'll have few problems here, and we had to laugh at the instruction manual, as it offered a warning notice that you 'only' get 250mm of CPU cooler clearance. We'd like to see the heatsinks the designer has been using recently, as we haven't encountered anything much taller than 180mm for a long time.

You get eight PCI expansion slots, and just in case the countless massive radiator mounting points aren't enough, there are rear grommeted holes for routing tubing and cables.You can also see the two PSU mounts and we're surprised Thermaltake didn't consider a dual-system option here given how much space there is. The rear fan also sports an adjustable mount too so you can align it with your CPU cooler. The front panel pops off to reveal fan mounts for a pair of 200mm or 140mm fans or three 120mm fans with corresponding radiator support too, including a 360mm (dual 180mm) monster - and yes, they do exist.

Sadly, none of the 2.5" mounts - several of which sit under the motherboard tray - are tool-free, yet they are on the smaller Level 20 VT, which is a shame. The 3.5" trays are tool-free, though, and you get seven in total with six located within easy reach in removable cages in the base of the case - removable to make way for cooling options of course. While there aren't many locations below to hide cables, you do at least get a reasonable amount of routing holes in the motherboard tray and the tray itself is removable too.

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