What's the best supersize case fan?

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October 9, 2009 | 10:30

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Index 1: Sound Pressure - 120mm Fans

The title of this page is a simplification; we actually tested sound pressure (in dBA), which most people confuse with noise.

Remember that a low sound pressure isn't everything - you should also see how much air a fan can push, and possibly most importantly, how much air it can push per dBA.

The 120mm Scythe Gentle Typhoon and Sharkoon Silent Eagle 1000 have been included for reference as they're our favourite 120mm fans. Please read how we tested to see how we generated these results and what they mean.

Sound Pressure

Background noise level was 19.3dBA

  • Sharkoon Silent Eagle 1000 (120mm)
  • Antec Big Boy 200 (200mm, min speed)
  • Akasa AK-F1825SM-CB (180mm)
  • Akasa AK-F2230SM-CB
  • Antec Big Boy 200 (200mm, medium speed)
  • Scythe Gentle Typhoon D1225C12B4AP-14 (120mm)
  • Yate Loon D22SL-12H (220mm)
  • Yate Loon D22BL-12H (220mm)
  • Antec Big Boy 200 (200mm, max speed)
  • ichbinleise 225mm/800rpm (225mm, max speed)
  • ichbinleise 225mm/800rpm (225mm, min speed)
  • 20.7
  • 21.3
  • 23.4
  • 28.5
  • 28.5
  • 28.6
  • 32.3
  • 35.3
  • 37.4
  • 38.9
  • 0.0
Sound Pressure (dBA)

NOTE: The ichbinleise fan refused to spin at minimum speed, therefore it failed this test at this setting.
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