AMD Ryzen 3 1300X Review

Written by Antony Leather

July 27, 2017 | 14:00

Tags: #am4 #b350 #ryzen #ryzen-3 #x370

Companies: #amd

Test Setup

We test all Ryzen CPUs with Asus' Crosshair VI Hero along with 16GB (2 x 8GB) of Corsair 3,000MHz DDR4 Vengeance memory, which runs at 2,933MHz with the available memory divider on AM4 motherboards. At launch, this was the highest stable frequency we could obtain. We're also using an NZXT Kraken X42 cooler, as it was compatible out of the box with the universal mount on the Crosshair VI Hero, although adaptors are now available specifically for the wider AM4 mounting points. 

Test System

  • Motherboard Asus Crosshair VI Hero
  • Memory 16GB (2 x 8GB) Corsair Vengeance 3,000MHz DDR4
  • Graphics card XFX Radeon R9 390 DD 8GB
  • PSU Corsair RM850i
  • SSD OCZ Arc 100 240GB
  • CPU cooler NZXT Kraken X42
  • Operating system Windows 10 64-bit

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