Everise Variable Speed Rotary Tool Review

Written by Antony Leather

August 2, 2011 | 07:46

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Everise Variable Speed Rotary Tool and 172-Piece Accessory Set Review

Manufacturer: Everise
UK price (as reviewed): £22.99 (inc VAT)
US price (as reviewed): N/A

The Everise Variable Speed Rotary Tool and 172-piece accessory set made our eyes pop out when we saw the price, and it started the modding areas of our brains churning almost immediately. It’s sold through Maplin Electronics and retails for just £30 (Maplin code N03FY). In fact, if you pick it up before 9 August, you can even get it for the almost throwaway cost of £22.99. The price seems almost too good to be true, though, given the huge number of accessories it includes. Weighing just 500g, it’s quite light too.

Despite the Everise’s generic demeanour, its build quality is surprisingly good. It feels weighty, doesn’t have the any sharp edges and it has better build quality than some other tools we've come across too. The Everise is equipped with a hanging hook, like most rotary tools, and includes a hard plastic, wall-mountable case. The case is a little brittle, however, and exhibited several small cracks on arrival in our lab. Even so, its internal layout, which is brimming with accessories, is pretty good, with everything being easy to access.

Despite the large number of accessories included, Everise hasn’t just tried to cram the box full of superfluous bits. Instead, for the most part, each category includes the most appropriate range and number of bits and bobs. The most numerous of these are the grinding stones. There are precision, small-area and large-area grinding stones, made of either aluminium oxide or silicon carbide.

*Everise Variable Speed Rotary Tool Review Everise Variable Speed Rotary Tool Review *Everise Variable Speed Rotary Tool Review Everise Variable Speed Rotary Tool Review

These were relatively tough, even when dealing with our steel test case, but the set includes several examples of each, so despite not being massively hard-wearing, you won’t be needing any more for quite a while.

The Everise includes one of the best arrays of engraving head accessories we've seen too, with a combination of seven spherical, precision and cylindrical engraving tips, as well as spherical and precision cutting tips. These proved to be up to the task of dealing with several hours of engraving on a steel case.

Also top-notch was the range of cutting discs. There’s a large number of 24mm medium and heavy-use discs, as well as two reinforced cutting discs, so the Everise is great for dealing with all manner of cutting tasks out of the box. The cutting discs didn’t prove to be as hard-wearing as those from Dremel that we've used, but they’re numerous enough for this not to be an issue.

However, while the set includes two sizes of sanding bands and numerous sanding discs, there are no labels showing their grit rating. Most of the bands are also very coarse, and not ideally suited to light sanding tasks.
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