Nvision 2008 Content Index

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August 27, 2008 | 00:12

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Nvision 2008 Content Index

Our top man is out in San Jose, California attending Nvision 2008, the first Visual Computing industry get together. He'll be bringing us all the latest and most breaking news straight to the front page of bit-tech.

If you're a bit strapped for time however, or if you just don't want to wade through all the other great content we have on the site, then this is a handy breakdown of all the latest tech news from Nvision.

The older stories are lower down on the page, so if you just want to stay briefed on the latest headlines then you only need to glance at the top half of the page. The highlighted stories are the ones we reckon are of extra special interest to our readers. All links will open in a new window, so if you want to pass on your thoughts then direct them all to the forums. Enjoy!

Day Three

  • Gearbox is not developing Halo 4
    We can confirm that Gearbox is not working on Halo 4 - instead, the developer's Director of Technology left to head up the new team at Microsoft.

  • Nvidia has a QPI license
    Tom Petersen, Director of Technical Marketing for Nvidia's chipset business, says that Nvidia has a QPI license as part of the cross-licensing agreement.

  • More on X58 SLI support
    We've got some more information on Nvidia's X58 SLI announcement following discussions with the company's chipset team.

  • SLI comes natively to Intel X58
    No need for a hot and expensive NF200 chip, apparently "certified" X58 Nehalem boards will offer SLI as well.

Day Two

Day One

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