Logitech G400 Review

Written by Iain Farquhar

September 28, 2011 | 07:58

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Logitech G400 Review

Manufacturer: Logitech
UK Price (as reviewed): £30.98 (inc VAT)
US Price (as reviewed): $34.99 (ex tax)

Back in 2002, when bit-tech still looked like this, Logitech released the MX500 gaming mouse into a market where optical mice were in the minority. The shape of the mouse proved extremely comfortable and popular with gamers, and Logitech has since released a range of wireless and wired mice based around the same shell. Even the current Logitech G500 is based around the same design, albeit with a tweaked design and button layout, although the last ‘pure’ descendant was the MX518.

The Logitech G400 continues the legacy and retains the same basic shape of its ancestors. It’s as comfortable for those who use a palm grip as it is for those who prefer a fingertip hold, even after extended use. Unlike the faux-metal MX518, though, the G400 has a more nondescript colour scheme; otherwise, it’s identical in layout to its predecessor.

*Logitech G400 Review Logitech G400 Review *Logitech G400 Review Logitech G400 Review
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As well as the usual pair of mouse buttons and accompanying scroll wheel, there are two well placed thumb buttons within easy reach. Meanwhile, two top-mounted buttons at either end of the scroll wheel alter the mouse’s dpi without the need for any driver software, scrolling through 400, 800, 1,800 and 3,600dpi as standard. However, while this enables you to quickly switch from twitch reactions to steady accuracy, there’s no visual indicator of your current sensitivity setting. Thankfully, a third button on top of the mouse resets the sensitivity back to the default 800dpi setting to avoid confusion.

While Logitech hasn’t changed the tried and tested shape and layout of the mouse, the G400’s internals have been updated. It still uses an optical sensor rather than the laser sensors of Logitech’s G500, but the maximum supported sensitivity has been increased from the MX518’s 1,800dpi to an impressive 3,600dpi.

While the G400 doesn’t ship with any driver software, the imaginatively named Logitech Gaming Software package, which enables you to alter the settings of all Logitech’s gaming products, can be downloaded easily. With this, you can adjust the four available sensitivity settings to your choosing, and assign or customise key allocations. The software even scans your computer after installation and loads possible button layouts from an extensive library of titles. If that doesn’t work for you, you can also record and assign your own macros or key presses using a very simple interface.

Unfortunately, though, these settings are only saved locally, rather than on any on-board memory, which means that you’ll only be able to use your custom layout at home. Alternatively, you can export them to a USB drive and hope that your friend doesn’t mind you installing Logitech’s software.

*Logitech G400 Review Logitech G400 Review
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The Logitech G400 faces a tough challenge; the mouse it replaces, the MX518, was already superb. Thankfully, Logitech hasn’t made many changes to the ergonomics, retaining the basic shape and layout while and updating the optical sensor and software.

The result is an excellent mid-range mouse, although it faces tough competition. The CM Storm Inferno has three more buttons, more customisation options and higher maximum sensitivity settings, and it only costs £2 more than the G400. However, the G400’s great ergonomic shape and arsenal of sensible features make it as good for gaming now as its ancestors were in the time-wreathed mists of the last decade. Long may it continue.

  • Connection Wired
  • Material Plastic
  • Buttons 8, scroll wheel
  • Sensitivity 400dpi - 3,600dpi
  • Extras on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment

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    20 / 25
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    25 / 35
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