Logitech USB 300 Headset

Written by Chris Newman

December 9, 2003 | 00:00

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Logitech USB 300 Headset Introduction
What is it?: USB Headphones with Microphone
Product Name: Premium USB Headset 300
Manufacturer: Logitech
Price: Approx. MSRP $49.99 USD
Availability: Now
Verdict: Easiest Install Ever, Decent Audio Quality, Very Comfortable.

Gadgets, gadgets, gadgets. I love them you love them, they are the candy in our techno-gluttony. Some are more practical than others. Headsets used to be just a passing fancy I always had around but could take or leave, until I got a good set. Now, I'm a headset junky. Perhaps you live in a house full of people that you don't want to disturb (or be disturbed by) during your gaming/music activities, one of those multi-tasking junkies, or just one of those people that want to try the latest thing. Headsets are doing much more than delivering sound to your head. Online gaming and internet-based communications brings the demand for the ability to broadcast your voice in addition to just listening. Which brings us to today's product offering that takes these elements just one step further with connectivity.

I had a need on many of the fronts listed above for a microphone headset and when I saw Logitech's Premium USB Headset 300 model, I had to try it. I think I may have an unhealthy habit for USB devices. The connection, installation, and speed usually gives me a warm fuzzy feeling compared to standing behind my PC staring at all the various legacy color coded interfaces figuring out which wire to plug in and which device I can do without in the meantime. Plus, for you power users with various systems including laptops and other devices that may not share all your main PC's connection options, USB connection gives you a universal function appeal. Also, the PC vs Mac argument is a non-issue with this device since it works on both.

What does Logitech say about them:

"Supreme comfort and stereo sound with digital clarity"
<ul> <li>Volume and mute control with soft-touch surface</li> <li>Advanced digital audio for superior sound clarity</li> <li>Simple USB plug-and-play connectivity</li> <li>Dynamic stereo sound for music and games</li> <li>Premium adjustable headband offers maximum comfort</li> <li>Versatile left or right microphone placement</li><li>Noise-cancelling microphone filters out background noise</li> <li>Plush ear pads for extra-comfort and durability</li></ul>
Package contents:<ul> <li>Premium Stereo USB Headset</li> <li>Documentation</li> <li>Full product support</li><li>2-year guarantee</li></ul>
Technical specifications<ul> <li>Frequency response:</li> <ul> <li>Headset: 20-20,000 Hz</li> <li>Microphone: 100-16,000 Hz</li> </ul> <li>Sensitivity: -58 dBV/µbar, -38 dBV/Pa+/-4dB</li></ul>
System requirements<ul> <li>PC with Windows 98, Me, 2000, or XP</li> <li>Macintosh with OS 9.0.4+</li> <li>USB port</li></ul>
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