Logitech USB 300 Headset

Written by Chris Newman

December 9, 2003 | 00:00

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The package is a slick clear container allowing full view of the product and designed in a way to keep the delicates safe.

Logitech USB 300 Headset Take a look

I'm not going to kid you, there isn't much in the way of a list of equipment/parts here. You get the headset and a modest multi-language manual.

Logitech USB 300 Headset Take a look

Opening the box reveals the goods. It's all one composite piece. Logitech provided plenty of cable length to give you free movement and cable routing options. If you are like me, you prefer to arrange your cables around things like keyboards, monitors, and the like in an attempt at some sort of order. My immediate impression of the Premium 300's is that they are light but well constructed. Any place where wires connect with other parts are reinforced and the wire from the headset to the control pod is thin and light to be as unobtrusive as possible.

Logitech USB 300 Headset Take a look

The band spanning the earpieces is very adjustable and the mic boom rotates 180 degrees so you can use it on either side of your face depending on your preference. The last inch or so of the boom is flexible so you can make any fine adjustments to its placement in front of your face.

The actual earpieces "float" a good bit so they conform to your ears well. Logitech used a soft felt-like material on the cups so they feel good and comfy. Overall the headset sits lightly on your head but is secure which is what you want from a set of this size. The one thing I don't like about smaller headsets is if they clamp down and press your ears too hard. Over time, that really starts to hurt which is why I usually opt for the "can style" headsets that envelope your ears. I wore these for several hours at a stretch and I never got the discomfort usually associated with this type of earpiece.

Logitech USB 300 Headset Take a look

Here is a close up of the control unit. It is small but easy to work with your hands. You have the ability to mute the mic and adjust the volume of the headset from this unit. The green LED indicates whether the mic is muted or not. The back of the controller has a clip so you can fasten it to your clothing so you don't go fumbling around for it when you need to mute the mic.
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