Logitech USB 300 Headset

Written by Chris Newman

December 9, 2003 | 00:00

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This was truly the best part. With my PC running, I plugged these into my USB hub. XP Pro recognized and identified them straight away and I was using them in a matter of minutes (maybe even seconds). This was far and away the easiest product I have ever had to install. It took less time to install and start using than it did to safely remove them from their packaging.

There is a reason why the documentation is so sparse and there is no driver/app disk with these, none needed. You're saying "big deal, who needs a manual/disk for a set of headphones?". Well, this is an independantly running USB device that really just sets itself up for you. The manual basically covers how the control unit works and some tips on controlling volume in respective OS's and for voice recording.

Microphone Quality:

I found that the microphone worked well and delivered good voice reproduction with none of those annoying "wfffs, swooshes, etc" from breathing. Being able to swing the mic up out of the way when not used and its flexible end allowing exact placement provided just about everything you would want from a microphone of this quality level. You aren't going to do any cinema dubbing with it but for gaming and internet voice communication, it's definitely on par with anything else I have used.

Listening Quality:

Gaming - If you were looking for a headset like this for the sole purpose of gaming it would be difficult to recommend the Premium 300. I found it had a hard time providing good low end sound in games and at times. Some sounds came across as hollow and metallic sounding. Mid and high-end sounds are reproduce well enough. When compared to my Philips "can style" headphones, the full range of sound just wasn't there. This may not be a fair comparison but a lot of you are using similar headphones to my Philips and you should know what to expect. There is one caveat, I'm sure they are out there, but I haven't seen a set of "can style" headphones with a mic unless you are prepared to go to some avionics supplier and pay out of the pocket. So, if voice is a must have in your gaming, then you may be willing to sacrifice some of the sound quality for the function of a built in microphone.

Voice Communication - This area is where these headphones excel. For this range of sound, everything is crisp and clear. This area of use is where these headphones pay off. Listening to other voices was very clear and audible which isn't always the case with voice over IP I have experience with other bits of equipment.


These headphones are easy to use and comfortable. The Premium USB 300's are optimum for anyone who frequently uses two way conversations via their PC. For around $50, I was hoping for a more enriched game sound performance but the added functionality of the microphone is enough to say they are worthwhile. Pure gamers will have to decide on their own whether their current voice and game sound solution is worth giving up for this integrated solution. I plan on using them for some time and hope that logitech considers developing a version with fuller sound to give us the best of both worlds.


Easiest hardware installation ever
Light and comfortable
USB connection and multiple compatibility


Low end sounds will leave gamers wanting more

Logitech USB 300 Headset Impressions and Conclusions
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